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About the Arts

About the Art



The art of tattoo is our passion!

We marked you of your life journey and ours too! We are in a part of your journey at the time.
As a tattoo artist about his or her works,
The experience COUNTS, and know how MATTERS, my friends!

We are in the business longer than most of people in the country.
We are  artist members of National Tattoo Association for over 30+ years, the one of oldest and largest Tattoo Artists Association in the Nation.

Tattoo on the left by Sidewinder Sam


“To introduce and promote the human expression and cultural record, That is demonstrated in the field of the visual arts as a lasting record, For better or worse, of the human experience.”   
--------- Sidewinder Sam / Richard Harvey / Award Winning Artist
Painting on the right by Sidewinder Sam

frame jumper-11x14-OC_0.jpg


Your Body

" your body is your canvas, Tattoos
---- to marking in your life journey;
---- to express your feelings; your ideas; your believes; and your memories.

It is our Privilege and Honor to marking part of your life journey, when you are in our shop to get tattoos! "

.......... The Dragon Lady

Tattoo on the left by Dragon Lady

TOLSTOY:   “Art is a human activity whose purpose is the transmission of the highest and best feelings which men have attained.” ------- In Tolstoy’s “What is Art?”

St. Augustine:  "All the loveliness which passes through man's minds into their skillful hands, comes from supreme loveliness which is above our soul. which my soul sighs for day and night."
-------- St Augustine stayed in his confessions

Painting on the right by Dragon Lady