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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tattoo?

“TATTOO” is placing pigment under few layers of the skin, with solid steel needles, the colored area becomes “PERMANENT”.

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Do tattoos hurt?

Some discomfort should be expected during the tattoo process. Generally is this: “Where ever the sun don’t shine too much, it will be more sensitive”, or any places that close to the bone. Afterwards your tattoo will be tender to the touch for few days, but shouldn’t be painful. We also will give you a care sheet to care your new tattoo.

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Will Tattoos Fade?

All tattoo pigments are subject to a certain amount of fading over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. We use the highest quality pigments available to reduce the chance of fading. You have the ultimate responsibility to protect your tattoo from the sun. We recommend a quality sun block whenever your tattoos are exposed to sunlight. This will help protect them and keep them looking great.

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Can tattoos be covered up?

Although most tattoos can be covered up with another tattoo, it is costly due to the time involved in properly executing a cover-up work. We are highly skilled in the area of cover-up, and renewing old tattoos. We will be more than happy to help you out on request. Again, choosing your artist and design carefully will help you stay out of these situations.

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How should a new tattoo be taken care of?

Generally treat it as light fresh wound. Keep it clean and keep the new tattoo on the dry side, so the skin will be able to breathe, able to absorb oxygen to help healing. We have more details on the page about how to take are your new and old tattoos.

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