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** We will need time to re-build this web site, due to the hosting Co. change form here.
Please visit our MOST REAL TIME facebook for the newest activities!! www.facebook.com/DLtattoos. www.facebook.com/gotattoos. The DragonLady's instagram: dragonllady. Thank you all soooooo much!! :) 

**  Year of Rooster in Lunar Calendar!!   




2017 year of Rooster. New calendars are here!!  come to get it, first come first serve!!        Dec. 15th. 2016 

20% Military Discount Sep. 9th. to Sep. 30th. 2016.     Sep. 7th. 2016
** we are able to accepted credit cards again!!  Come in get some "out of box" tattoos!    Aug 5th, 2016

**   We are temporarily UNABLE to ACCEPT credit cards.! in the process to change the processing Co.     July 26, 2016

**   The hot summer is here!!!!! We have some "out of box" designs, just for every body to do something different in this season!! We are open 2:00PM everyday, come in see Rena or Karl!     July 10th, 2016

**  We are looking for a tattoo artist! -- MATURE, and HIGH CALIBER capability. NO UNLAWFUL DRUG problem, AND NO DRINKING problem. FREE Lodging quarter available with some conditions. Please contact first, then bring your hard copy Portfolio in to talk, thanks.    July 8th, 2016

**  Check out some of 1/2 sleeve cover up in progress by The Dragon Lady!  Check out some of Karl's new works!   June 23, 2016

**  Please! We are unable to estimate the price on any tattoo by e-mail; phone; and text message!! please be understand, it involve size; colors; and what part of your body you like to have.... June 22, 2016

**  Karl, one of our good old artist is back in town!!!! he was here about 11 yrs ago, come check him out!     Apr. 6th, 2016

**   Bring you own designs, or we can design it for you! Come in talk to one of artist.        Apr. 14th, 2016

**   Click on "DragonLady Showcase-A", check out some new work pictures!  "Rusty Show Case" for some new work photos.  Any touch-up needed, please come in early part of week--Monday - Wednesday.          Mar 29th, 2016

**   Come in or email your design or idea, get the tattoo you always wanted! we'll design it to fit you! walk-in welcome in small or medium size in early part of week!        Mar 5th, 2016

**   Spring is coming! Tattoo season is here! Booking for your tattoos!   Send your idea, designs, or come in talk to one of artist,   make appointment for your custom tattoos!   We also take walk-ins  in small to medium size tattoos.        Jan 28th, 2016

**   Still have few 2016 calendars left, come to get it! 2016 year of Monkey, start Feb 8th 2016!      Jan 15th, 2016

**   Happy New Year to you all........!!!!! Just up load rest of work photos of 2015 to my page a Rusty's, go check them out!!        Jan 11th, 2016

2015 is about gone......


Free 2016 calendars give away!! first come first served, till they all gone.....   2016, year of monkey.    Dec 1st. 2015

   We"ll be open at 3:00PM on Thanksgiving day, see you guys!!        Nov. 23, 2015

The Dragon Lady just set-up her own instagram, check it out at - dragonllady      Nov. 2nd, 2015                            

Finely have chance add lots of new photos on 2015 work page, check them out, contact us! we open 2:00PM everyday!
   Oct 22, 2015

Anyone have tattoo done here by Rusty or me, need to be fix or re-color, you can contact to make a appointment, it will be NO CHARGE. or if you want me to fix or re-color its ok too!         Sep 25, 2015

Bring in your designs, or email them in for your custom tattoos, come in make a appointment if its big size. check out all our pages here for some idea! Check out my instagram: dragonllady              Aug. 20, 2015

We are open today, so we BBQ 1n the back of shop.   Rusty is good BBQ cooker! just need to watch out, don't let him eat them all :))! (just joking).   Mean time we can tattoo you when you come in. we will open till mid-night tonight! :)    July 4th, 2015

We DO NOT quote prices on the phone or email. Come in our shop talk to one of artist for help or custom designed for you, our price is very reasonable/compatible, and come with the great workmanship!! Don't just worry about the price of the tattoo.       June. 29th. 2015

I am apologize to every one been want to contact our shop through here, the "Contact Us" and "E-mail" links are not working for few month. Been working with hosting Co, got the "Contact Us" work now, if you have any question or want to send tattoo designs, please lick "Contact Us" link, or send email to: info@mydragonlady.com, thank you very much!!      May 13th, 2015

We don't quote prices on the phone or email. Come in our shop talk to one of artist to help or designed for you, our price is very reasonable/compatible, and come with the great workmanship!       Apr. 22nd. 2015

Weekend is coming, come in plan your custom tattoos! talk to one of the artist here, get it started, so we'll get your design ready for you, see you....... Mar. 26th. 2015


Must have full time shop experience at least 2 yrs.    NO drama of any kind -- including Narcotics and Alcoholic   Please send your short resume and electronic transferable work portfolio.  The shop open 7 days a week, we expect our artists to show up ready to tattoo, and be professional!  Please contact the shop.    Mar. 18th, 2015

Ladies and Gents, we still have opening on this coming weekend, 3-13 to 3-15, if you have any tattoo plan please contact me ASAP!! Sharky / Chris gonna be here too.  Also, tattoo done in this shop by any artist in last 6 month needs touch or re-work, please contact me, me or Chris will re-work it with NO charge.  Mar. 10th, 2015

Tattoo Drew is here, Chris (Sharky)- volunteer guest artist is here most of weekend!
Come in talk to them, let them design your custom tattoos, and get them done!!  Check out their page for the new art works of this year!    
Feb 26th, 2015

Ladies and Gents, it is tattoo season again! bring or e-mail your project, and come in make a

appointment! We do all sizes; all styles! Rusty is here, and Wild Drew is back here too!  

open at 2:00PM, 7 days a week! See you soon!              Jan. 23, 2015