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Enjoy Tattoos

Enjoy Tattoos!

All Tattoos are done in The Dragon Lady Tattoos by different artist in different time.

      The Dragon Lady                   The Dragon Lady                       Sidewinder Sam                                      Sidewinder Sam

   The Dragon Lady                                  Dylan                                                   Tom                                              The Dragon Lady
         Sidewinder Sam                                  Tom                                                            Chris                                                Andrew           
                Tom                                    Andrew                                  The Dragon Lady                                      Dylan
                           Sidewinder Sam                                   Sidewinder Sam                               Chris                                  James

                    Chris                                  The Dragon Lady                        The Dragon Lady                           Dylan
                 Tom                                                   Andrew                                     Sidewinder Sam                         Sidewinder Sam
             Andrew                                                  Andrew                                                           The Dragon Lady
            Sidewinder Sam                                              Andrew                                James                                 The Dragon Lady

              Zeke Owne                                                 Sidewinder Sam                                          The Dragon Lady
                     Dylan                                                      Sidewinder Sam                                Tom                                     Andrew 
                                Chris                                                                          Dylan                                              Dylan
        7-8 Artists here                                                James                                    The Dragon Lady                          The Dragon Lady
                     Tom                                                      Matt                                           Tom                                     Gerald
         Andrew                                         Brian                                        Andrew                                             Dylan
                     Chris                                                   Tom                                                                  Karl

                  Andrew                                                          Dylan                                                   Jermey
               Bryan                                                                                                     Daniel Rich                                      James
                            Doug                                                               Mikey                                                              John
                        Tim                                                                                                            Monk                                     Gumbie