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DragonLady's ShowCase

2015 A


2015 A

                                        3.5 hrs straight!!
                                                         in one trip, tough girl!!
                                                                                 speedy! in 4.5 hrs !!

       touch up some, and finished the shading!
                                                                                    6 hrs / 2 pee breaks !! :)
                  one trip work, 6 hrs, 2 "pee" break only! :)




                                                     done in ONE trip - 6hrs.!                   

                                                                       custom add on



 add a little Victoria flavor
                                                  round-up the half sleeve

                                                           hm......... should we get colors ......?
                                                                       " Orion " her baby's name

               Love this one!!
                                                    Sister remember her brother, Mon remember her son...
                                                                a tough girl's fort arm sleeve!




                                                                                                                                          his and her tattoos for Texans



                custom work to add-up to half sleeve



                  custom designed to cap-up half sleeve

                                                                           LA sky-line

                                                                                            custom designed chest piece

2013 A



                                                             Add on to half sleeve!
                                                              at work June 2013




 he is enjoying the inside sleeve tattooing!!:)                                         2 trips finish up!
                         A lady's half sleeve by The Dragon Lady
                                       a lady's back works by The Dragon Lady started 28 yrs ago!!
         for his kid                                       for his son
                                       All "flash-back"!!  (old school)

           in progress ---- B/W                                                                  let's go race!
                                           A old Marine                                                       his and her
          tough!! 2 trips    8 hrs total!                                                  
                                           mom & kid                                                          cute!
                                                                            a continuing custom sleeve in progress

R & R project, custom design and done it few days ago by The Dragon Lady.



   last tattoo for 2012, on eve of 2012. wish every one have a happy and healthy new year!!
     3.5 hrs needle time.                                          tough girl!!

                                                                                             "three days grace"
Custom design - 4.5 hrs. needle time.             Custom design - 6 hrs needle time!

                          Custom design - 3.5 hrs needle time.   
                      "Welcome home, Dad" tattoo

His design from a water board                     Old work re-new and Add-on
 His flag                and            Her flag                                     Remember Mom and Dad
                                  He loves "PIZZA"!                                            Add on a old Rose

                                                               A "Happy Tattoos Collector" from Dragon Lady !

                             Custom Cover-Up
Custom Cover-Up in Progress
                                    Custom half sleeve by request  

                                                         Custom half sleeve by request

                           Custom half sleeve

       old tattoo re-work

                                                                                             Custom half Sleeve
                                                                                             Custom half sleeve finished




In progress
In progress
In progress
In progress
In Progress

In Progress -1
In Progress -2
In Progress -3




10-11, 2011