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DragonLady-In Progress

In Progress 2016


                                      half sleeve dragon in the making!!
                                                      get ready for the color!
                                                                  got all the colors done!!!!!

Inprogress 2015


                                   done in 2 trips, almost 7 hrs - tough girl!!
                        43 hrs so far....... next trip will start to coloring the roses!!

                                                   one more trip to finish all colors!!
              outline all the way around in one trip - 6hrs!  ready fro shading!!

                                                                       in good progress, girl!  we need more colors!!
  Done for now!!!!!
                             outline in one trip- 6 hrs!!     get ready for shading
                                             ready for shading - from chest to whole sleeve!!!
                                                                          ready for color!!
                                    did the outline late last year, started work on some of the shading in late June!

        outline done somewhere                                                        did the shading - ready for colors!!
                      ready for shading!

                                         we got the colors finished from a year ago!!
                                                 up-er part of long sleeve in progress - ready for shading
                  part of long sleeve
                                                                                           Got it Done!!
       5 hrs on the out line
                                                      I started it!   the face and body muscles done by Chris - Sharky

Inprogress - 2014



                                                  a back piece with cover-up and re-work in progress

                                                                  we did the colors!!!!
               started early this year, got all the black shading. next time will be start doing colors!
                                                                              got all the out line in two trips!
  in progress ( face shaded by Chris)                                    Starting of a half sleeve - Dragon Lady
                                                                        half sleeve with some Afgn. scene

                                          hm................ should we do colors for the dragon.......... ??

                                              4.5 hrs for outline                                                                 4hrs for shading
                                               in progress of cover a long scar with a custom sleeve design                                            

                                                           round up his whole sleeve we started last year !!
                                                                                   6 hrs for outline !!
                                                                     doing colors after back from NTC
                                                     doing colors after back from NTC

In Progress-2013



  to be add-on                                                      in progress, needs more shading



                                                                            custom design cover-ups in progress
                                                            Custom design add on with old tattoos

In Progress 2012



Beyond 2011


Beyond 2000