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The Dragon Lady Tattoos is a friendly and comfortable shop, with State of Texas license, and professional tattoo artists to serve you 7 days a week.

Rena the DragonLady opened this shop in 1980, at which time there were no more than 5 female tattoo artists in the whole United States. As an early member of the biggest and oldest Tattoo Artist Association in the USA, she build a very good reputation of quality work and reasonable price in this industry. 
Being live and in business so close to the biggest Army Base in the free world, FortHood, Texas, You can say that she and her shop, together with a lot of fine artists, also went through the last 30 years of the US Army activities, as a war and home front supporter, from the Grenada and Panama incidents, to the Persian Gulf War of Desert Shell, Desert Storm, and the war of Iraq, and the war of Afghanistan  today.

The Shop donated some magazines, flags, table-mats and discount fliers to the Iron Horse Resort of arm service in Iraq when the war first started. And 2-3 times every year you will find our discount fliers and greeting cards in the Fort Hood Howdy bags to welcome new guys to the area and to our shop.

“ We not only do our best to service our soldiers come back from the front line, we also chat with them with concern and care in every way about life, let them know that we are proud of them for service with dedication and honor and welcome home!” said Rena the DragonLady and all the artists.

"Sidewinder Sam" is our oldest artist, he is not tattooing now, but still come to the shop talk to customers almost every afternoon.
He is 85 years young, and he is a World War II Marine Corps Veteran, served as air defense 22mm gun man on SS Iowa
in pacific during in the war.
He had cancer 5 times, now going on at 6th, had massive hart attack about 2 yrs ago, Dr. don't know what to do with him, because they can't find any case as him and still alive.
Sam also is a fine art painter all his life, visit: www.r-harvey.com  when you have time to view some of his paintings.  Jan, 2013

******* A legend has pass away; A great lost of man kind!!
Sidewinder Sam; a World War II Marine Corps Veterans has leaving us.......

We will miss him, in every way and every bit of him........



We have thousands of designs on the wall and in our PC files for you choose from.
We also are very capable of designing custom tattoos for you, in the Traditional Oriental Style sleeves, whole back pieces and body suits, as well as in Japanese, Western and Medieval Styles.

We are also highly qualified in the field of Cover-Up and Re-New old or faded out tattoos. With our quality workmanship and reasonable prices, you won’t be disappointed! Won’t you come in and check us out? Walk in clients are welcome!

     Feb. 2010   we had snow!!

The Art of Tattoo is our passion!
We marked you in your life journey, also our too, because we are with you at that time!!

It is the Biggest Privilege and Honor to us, that every time you sit in one of our station chair to get a tattoo!

Come to the Best is the Right thing to do!!
The experience COUNTS, and know how MATTERS, my friend!

Come in to see the differences for yourself, you won't be disappointed!

We open 2:00PM every day.
Closing time: 9:30PM Sunday - Thursday
                      11:45PM Friday and Saturday
Customers come in 45 mines before the closing time, we will stay open till your tattoo is finished.



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Dragon Lady instagram: dragonllady

We are conveniently located at:
217 W. Veterans Memorial Blvd.  Harker Heights, Texas. 
GET MAP  (or call for direction: 254-699-2204)
We are on top of the hill, across street from the “Wild Country” Club in Harker Heights.

Your body is your canvas,
---- to marking in your life journey;
---- to express, your feeling; your ideas; your believes; and your memories!

We are here to help you, to serve you with our over 40 years experience and best of our ability.
Experiences DO matter!!      See you soonnnnnnnn!